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  1. fuckyeahcracker:

    Follow @Fyeahcracker, not this blog lol we changed URLs how many times do I have to say that

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  2. fuckyeahcracker:

    Follow @Fyeahcracker, not this blog lol we changed URLs how many times do I have to say that


  3. Follow @Fyeahcracker, not this blog lol we changed URLs how many times do I have to say that



  5. fyeahcracker:

    Meaning all links included in masterposts will be down for Ramadan (a month) and will direct you to nonexistent pages on our other blog letting you know that we got a temporary URL change!

    We are coding the blog’s homepage now though! Every masterpost and resource you could need will be under the buttons!!!

    [IMPORTANT] If you are linked to something on f**kyeahcracker.tumblr.com/post/BLABLABLA, all you have to do is change it to fyeahcracker and it will link you to the post on this blog btw.


    1. *racial concept is studied at the Masters and PhD levels and has been researched for several years and experienced for centuries and documented*
    2. 17 year old white anti-sj tumblr blogger: that is complete bullshit just to make white people look bad. you all always make this shit up to seem more oppressed. you're oppressing yourself. now i'm going to talk about this even though i actually have no clue what i'm talking about, never been exposed to the history of this and don't know anything about the present experiences as a result of implications of historical racism *rabbles on about bullshit for 5 years never backing down from uninformed stance refusing to learn anything*

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    if you were black would you be satisfied with this world’s racism? with this desire to stifle any rhetoric about race? would you be satisfied being told to get over everything? lol do you really think that you would?

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  7. In Vogue Australia February 2013 there were


    Only 17 pictures including Women of Color 9 pictures including Men of Color

    357 pictures including white women 37 pictures including white men - 8 pictures including white children

    Why do we need more representation for PoC, you ask? Why are there magazines like ‘Essence’? This is why.

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  8. In Vogue UK February 2013 there were


    921 images of white women 101 images of white men 7 images of white children

    and only 66 images of Women of Color 0 images of Men of Color and 0 images of Children of Color

    People are really asking if People of Color need more representation? People are really curious as to why People of Color have been proven to have lower self esteem as a result of lack of representation? People are really questioning why People of Color in the west might adhere to euro-centric beauty standards?

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    1. People when talking about online activism that challenges their prejudice notions: Why don't you get out in the real world and do something?? Whining on tumblr and the internet doesn't change anything!
    2. Same exact people discussing the internet in every single other instance: The internet is such a powerful tool it really brings us together in so many ways and connects us, it's the most essential tool for spreading information and changing things the most immense way because everyone is on the internet, social media has really changed the world.